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Ambitec’s Purpose

Our mission is to ‘serve those who serve.’ We accomplish this by designing and distributing the highest level of effective military, law enforcement, and security products in the world. Our motto is: ‘If you have your boots on the ground, we’ve got your back!’


Ambitec’s Core Values:


Everyone deserves the highest level of respect. Our foundation is built on respect of our people, from neighbors to employees, suppliers, and end users.


Our values and our word is who we are. We are committed to backup up our promises with the industry's best execution.


Ambitec’s job is to bring quality to the industry and end users, for this we work tirelessly day and night.


We do the market research to solve your equipment needs. When end users interact with Ambitec they will receive the best equipment solution available in the world, period.


From the Roman Warrior to the Modern Day U.S. Marine, our equipment capabilities have come a long way. Ambitec works with our suppliers to constantly innovate better products and equipment.

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