At our Ambitec brands page we offer only top name brands. If you are looking for the best in security solutions and defense products, this is where you need to be. 

For tactical footwear and other gear, you will find 5.11 Tactical, Belleville, Salomon, Propper, and Thorogood.  

Today more than ever, it’s vital that medical equipment be available in commercial office buildings, schools and governmental agencies. We offer top quality brands like Elite First Aid, Adventure Medical Kits, Phokus Medical and Trauma Kits and PerSys Medical Devices, which all come ready for use. 

Police officers, federal agents and EMS personnel all need specialized shoulder bags and backpacks. These are essential pieces of equipment and Ambitec carries nothing but the best. We have top name brands like 5.11 Tactical, CamelBak, Maxpedition and Propper to meet all your needs.  

Without the proper training equipment and gear, there’s no way you can gain and maintain the skills to do your job. When it comes to training equipment and gear we offer top name brands like Everlast, Blue Guns and Sirt. 

Since everything runs on energy, you need a reliable source of energy to keep your agency or school running. We carry Goal Zero, which produces highly specialized products that create and supply energy. 

Installing an optic device on your gun will help you shoot more accurately. Since there are so many different types of guns, we have a huge variety of the world’s top optics to choose from. Among the many we carry are AIMPOINT, Trijicon and Eotech. You have the option of equipping your department with optics that provide Magnified as well as Thermal Night Vision. 

Ambitec also carries a broad range of accessories routinely used by law enforcement, the military and other personnel who perform tactical work in the field. The items we carry consist of ballistic protective glasses, sunglasses, diving watches, solid reliable GPS watches, flashlights, hearing protection and a selection of good knives. Most operators in the field need all of these things, so we offer a variety of top brands in each category, starting with 3M Peltor, Gerber, Kershaw knives, Smith Optics, Surefire, Suunto, and Zero Tolerance. This range gives your department many different options to choose from. 

No two departments are alike in terms of the type of environments they operate in. And, within any given department there are changing situations. By having a full range of ballistic protection solutions we can fulfill your particular department’s needs. We are here to help you get the job done safely. The top name brands we carry to help protect against the varying range of threat levels are Ambitec, Hesco and Revision. 

One important aspect of protective solutions must involve having the proper riot gear. For this vital task we carry Paulson, which is without comparison the top brand in protective riot gear. 

For locations and venues that need high-level security solutions, like airports, concert halls, stadiums, schools and special events, we offer specialized equipment from Autoclear, Fisher, Garret, Metal Defender and Rapiscan. These brands manufacture walk-through metal detectors, X-Ray machines and hand-held wands to help security personnel screen out individuals and identify weapons and/or items that may pose a threat. 

In preparing for operations in the field, operators need tactical nylon gear and a variety of weapon accessories. We offer premium top name brands, such as ATI, Condor, First Spear, Magpul, Nemo, and Viking Tactics among other brands with products in these categories.  

Equipping the patrol cars in your department with top quality laptops and tablets tough enough to withstand the abuse can be achieved with top industry brands like Dell and Panasonic. These heavy-duty devices will prove to be essential in ensuring that the officers in your patrol cars have the information they need when they need it. 

Local fire departments and other departments that provide teams trained to perform dynamic entry need highly specialized equipment and gear. These include climbing gear, ladders, gas masks, breaching tools, and surveillance equipment just to name a few. In order to help you accomplish your missions, we distribute the top brands in this industry. These brands include 3M Peltor, 5.11 Tactical, BROCO, KJB, Petzi, and Telesteps. You can count on these products to help you gain the dynamic entry you need in risky environments. 

We carry Weapon Clear products so that your department can have a safe place for everyone to clear their firearm at the end of the day. This is vital to the safety of every department and Weapon Clear is the top of the line. 

For accurate drug detection every time, we distribute top name brands like Eastimage, Enhanced Armor Group, DetectaChem, Flir, Nartest, Scott, Mistral, Trunarc, Wilcox and Smiths Detection. This range of options offers your decision makers everything they need to meet your department’s requirements. 

At the end of the day, we have every confidence that you will find whatever it is you need right here. Thank you!

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