Ballistic Panels and Partitions

The recruitment center attack in New York City’s Time Square in 2008 started a sequence of events. In 2009 there was a recruitment center attacked in Arkansas, another recruitment center was hit Washington the following year and it happened again in Chattanooga, TN in 2015.

Dealing with these types of attacks required a team of specialized experts in security solutions. They would need to combine their field experience with the latest technologies to come up with a protective barrier system made of premium materials that could adapt to any environment.

We started with a solid BALLISTIC PANEL PARTITION, which evolved into Ballistic Panel Partitions that were transparent and could be seen through. We can now create customized BALLISTIC PANELS and PARTITIONS in any size for whatever needs you have.

We have developed protective Ballistic Panels and Partitions that can be strategically moved around and placed inside an office building or complex, inside school campuses and buildings, inside churches, shopping centers, concert venues or anywhere else that might pose a threat.

Realizing the frequency in which these events have been occurring, it’s important to take precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety and security. Unfortunately, attacks can happen anywhere anytime and although they may be different, they all have one goal in mind and that is to create fear and chaos.

It is impossible to know how any one of us would react if we found ourselves in an environment that was under attack. Very few of us have past experiences that would inform our behavior in such a situation, especially if we grew up in a relatively safe environment.

Colonel Dave Grossman wrote books on combat and killing describing in detail the causes and effects of violence. In his books he analyzes how the human mind is programmed to react to such things, which is with fear and panic.  

Advancements in technology have assisted the terrorists so that their attacks are becoming more targeted, creating the fear, panic and chaos that the terrorist organizations are seeking. These advancements have allowed them to target recruitment centers, the very places where people go to learn how to serve and protect the citizens of their homeland so they can have a better quality of life.

Understanding this background gives you an idea of the thought process and considerations that went into creating the type of BALLISTIC PANELS and PARTITIONS that were needed. We use only premium quality materials that we know will get the job done. We understand the threat and what the terrorists are seeking and have come up with a product that can definitely protect against such attacks.

If you’re reading this you’re obviously not an average person. Your mission in life is likely to find ways to improve the lives of many, to help create a better existence and for that we salute you! At Ambitec we’ve created a special category of protective equipment, BALLISTIC PANELS and PARTITIONS, just for these types of attacks. Thank you!

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