Infantry Combat Equipment Program Manager (PM ICE) and Ground Combat Element Systems Portfolio Manager (PM GCES) have announced that they are planning an Industry Day that they will host for the upcoming solicitation of the LITE Armor Plate. This will be held 17-18 October 2018 in Triangle, VA at Get It Done Solutions, LLC. Private classified sessions will be included.

Infantry Combat Equipment Program Manager (PM ICE)

This event follows up on the Industry’s RFI on lightweight armor plates, which was issued in September.

The new Low Intensity Threat Environment (LITE) Armor Plate must comply with the Berry Amendment. This plate is a hard armor insert offering small arms protection for the U.S. Marine Corps. The LITE armor plate is designed to increase mobility and save lives by reducing bulk, weight and heat stress while providing maximized ballistic protection.

The NAICS code for this piece of equipment is 339113, which means it is categorized as “Surgical Appliance & Supplies Manufacturing,” which is interesting.

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