Last week at the AUSA show in Washington D.C. our nations capitol. Safety products manufacturer 3M subsidiary Ceradyne, Inc. released a preview of their latest innovation in ballistic helmets the 3M F70 Series soon to be available to first responders and law enforcement end users.

The features of the new 3M F70 Ballistic Hemet system have been designed from ground up to increase ballistic protection for military personal or tactical police units.

Expanding on the current 3M Ballistic helmet line up the F70 Series incorporates a new Mandible Ballistic protection guard and a flip up eye protection visor. We are happy to see this type of advancement in Ballistic Helmet features from more manufacturers. These features are in line with the latest US Army developments we’ve seen already released from other military helmet manufacturers such as Revision Military.

The 3M F70 Series Helmet’s for Law Enforcement and Military

Another interesting feature to see from the 3M F70 Ballistic Helmet series is their new short rail mounting system which continues in innovation for Ballistic helmet attachments and accessories.

3M is a company that’s well known throughout the industry for providing high end protection products to military personnel and tactical operators.

Here at Ambitec we continue to monitor the release of new technology innovations around the world and make them available to our customers. We pride ourselves in bringing the best defense product solutions to our men and women in uniform!

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