Tactical Gloves

As human beings, we have all been given a physical body to carry us through this journey of life. How we treat and take care of our bodies determines how successful our ride will be.

As tactical operators in the field, the dynamics of upcoming situations are unpredictable. Therefore it is mandatory to protect police officers and public safety personnel. There are many high-quality brands such as 5.11 Tactical, Camelbak military gloves or Petzl Rappelling Gloves to outfit your department. In addition to great tactical gloves manufacturers like Oakley, Wiley-X, HWI who manufacture Made in USA Berry Compliant Gloves.

Having a pair of tactical gloves in your duty kit is essential. Here’s why:

1. When dealing in tactical environments as a soldier or as a member of a tactical swat team, there are many different opportunities to get small cuts on your hands. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be such a problem, but when you can’t stop and deal with it because you need to keep moving complete your mission, you are at risk of infection. Police operators with a good pair of tactical gloves keep their hands clean.

2. Environmental elements play a huge role when working as a firefighter. When you’re fighting a fire trying to save lives and entering burning buildings you are going to touch hot objects. Or, if you’re a Special Forces operator in the mountains of Afghanistan manipulating weapons in combat, your weapons are going to get red hot. Soldiers need tactical gloves to protect their hands from hot firearms. They also need warm military gloves that can protect them from cold winter conditions and frostbite. A good pair of high performance gloves is mandatory in all these situations. The use of Nomex Tactical Gloves or gloves reinforced with Kevlar materials will protect the warfighter.

3. Tactical gloves are used as protection on dynamic entries, either breaking windows in cars or buildings. The use of Tactical gloves are strategic assets in hostage rescue scenarios where dynamic entry is the matter of life and death, speed, shock, surprise, and unpredictability can make all the difference to a SWAT team.

4. Law Enforcement officers do what needs to be done to save lives, often putting our own lives at risk. Members of a tactical team that see someone in need of medical help will immediately respond by giving treatment. This could arise a scenario where the person being treated has a blood-related disease if the police officer is not wearing gloves they are at risk being infected with the disease.

Tactical Gloves

Whether the preference is 5.11 Tactical gloves over Berry Compliant HWI Military Gloves. One thing to consider is that the gloves have knuckle protection, Kevlar reinforcement, padding, and dexterity. Tactical glove brands such as Wiley-X, Oakley, Petzl & Camelbak will have a good selection to choose from.

As technology continues to advance enhanced protection equipment is becoming more available. All tactical operators are benefiting enhanced protection Gloves from federal agencies, to Border Patrol Operator to city Police and country Sheriff’s Officers. Ambitec is happy to assist your department procurement needs in finding the best protection for your personnel.

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